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“a non-stop, hilarious, irreverent (if not fully raunchy) parody… a loving tribute to the Bard of Avon, from Smith – a bard in his own right… GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

LA Stage Reviews

“Smart, funny, bawdy, awesome! The creator of my personal favorite show from HFF 15 does it again – there is so much comedic brilliance in the writing and in the performances. My words fail me, Ryan J-W Smith’s never do. Go if you possibly can!”

Amy Francis Schott

“simply delightful. It’s one of the funniest stage plays I’ve seen.

Michael Garcia


Written entirely in rhyming iambic pentameter, Ryan J-W Smith‘s original first verse play, ‘Sweet Love Adieu or The Bard Gets Hard!’, is an 85 minute modern verse comedy.

This updated version was premiered at the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival where was nominated for The International Award (losing to Smith’s other new verse comedy, MacDeth! which won The International Award) and received nothing but glowing adulation from critics and audiences alike.

Lance Frantzich as ‘Magistrate’ and Ryan J-W Smith as ‘Sidney’ in Smith’s Sweet Love Adieu.

“The pain that this play causes results from laughter”

“Smith plates out another wordtastic dish for the educated masses and hits the mark once more…GO SEE THIS!!!

Matt Ritchey


“The best show we have been to at the Fringe, and is sure to be a winner in whatever categories it is entered in. I highly recommend it, just wonderful!

Mindy Pfeiffer


“A Writer-Director-Actor is a TRIPLE threat but RYAN J-W SMITH has TWO shows running in rep, so that makes him a SEXTUPLE threat – with the emphasis on Sex (and free chocolate)! Conversational Iambic Pentameter takes some getting used to, but once you’re in the game – from the moment the 8 players greet you before the show starts – it seems as natural as the unnatural things they do!

Shakespearean Satire is tricky, but this trouple pulls it off with elan, thanks to a sound script that seems like something Will might have WISHED he’d thought of himself.”

Charles Zairko